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While we focus on our Bike Move services that’s not where we stop – everything from Pre-Purchase Inspections through to Secure Handover Payment Services – below is a list of the services we offer, and any questions feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 245 366 or contact us using our online contact form by clicking here.

Motorbike Transportation Services

At Motorbike Transport – we are bringing to you our unique end to end reliable solution, something our current Motorcycle Transport customers know and something that you are about to experience, this is how we differentiate ourselves from our competition.

Allow us the opportunity.

Life can sometimes be difficult enough, so we make your motorcycle transportation as simple as possible.

By developing a strong relationship with our motorcycle transport customers and becoming a household name – 1300-Bike-Move, we hope that you will always contact us for all your future motorcycle transportation services.

CALL 1300 Bike Move NOW – 1300 Bike Move (1300 245 366) for a free no obligation quote or alternatively feel free to use our easy online quote system by clicking here.

Services that Motorbike Transport offer include:

  • 24 hour customer service access
  • Motorcycle Transport Services
  • Motorbike Transporters Nationwide
  • Motorcycle Pre Purchase Inspections – Most major cities
  • Secure & Legal Handover Payments – Bill of Sale
  • Safe & Reliable Motorcycle Transportation to your door – Nationwide and now from San Francisco to Melbourne – Sydney – Perth – Brisbane
  • A professional team with over 17 years experience
  • A complete end-to-end solution & all at the right price
  • Motorcycles are usually transported in a fully enclosed vehicle to ensure the safest motorcycle transportation.
  • Full comprehensive insurance for roll on roll off, crated jobs have a different insurance structure, it varies from $0 – $5,000. It is also advised that you contact your own insurer for crated jobs, most will also cover this.
  • Motorbike Transport, Motorcycle transportation Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, Sunshine Coast, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Mackay.
  • Cheap and reliable Motorcycle Shipping
  • Loose uncrated motorbikes are secured individually, interstate motorcycle transporters, Crating system with specially built steel frame crates

Motorcycle Transport Services – Motorbike Transporter – 1300 Bike Move

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1300 Bike Move are Motorbike Transporters that provide Motorcycle Transportation Services, logistical solutions for transporting motorbikes Australia wide.

We are fast, efficient and safe motorbike transport for your motorcycle to almost any place in Australia and at almost anytime!

Motorbike delivery to your door!

Motorcycles are mostly transported in fully enclosed vehicles with the option of tailgate loaders to ensure the safest motorcycle transportation.

We also pride ourselves in being the eBay Motorcycle Specialists, we inspect, prepare a legal bill of sale, pick it up for you and deliver it to your door!

Many of our customers come from eBay. They buy or sell motorbikes on eBay and we transport it for them.

Motorcycle Transport Services Include

  • Loose uncrated motorbikes are secured individually
  • Local, country and interstate transport
  • Fully secure storage facilities available
  • Import services provided
  • Crating system with specially built steel frame crates

Motorbike Transport specialist motorcycle transport trucks that travel to all states of Australia.

Motorbike Transport Australian Routes include:

Melbourne > Sydney > Brisbane > Townsville > MacKay > Cairns
Melbourne > Adelaide > Alice Springs > Darwin
Darwin > Brisbane > Cairns
Melbourne > Perth – Perth > Brisbane

Worldwide destinations

USA – San Francisco – Melbourne – Sydney – Perth – Brisbane

Motorcycle Delivery Australia specialise in the transportation of motor bike / scooters nationwide with over 18 years experience.

We can accommodate bikes, quads, trikes, postie’s, choppers, scooters.

We welcome work from trade dealerships and private sales alike. Contract work is always welcome.

We work 24/7, 365 days a year.

Get a quote to transport your Trikes, Quads, Mopeds, MotorBikes and Postie Transport

We offer some unbeatable rates on motorcycle transport services.

Just call us to arrange safe delivery of your new motorcycle.

Motorcycle delivery Australia and Motorcycle transportation Australia and Motorbike delivery Australia and motorbike transportation Australia and moped delivery Australia and moped transportation Australia and quad delivery Australia also quad transportation Australia even trike delivery Australia or trike transportation Australia and scooter transport.

Motorcycle Pre Purchase Inspections

We are the first, oldest and most trusted Nationwide Motorcycle Pre-Purchase Inspectors in Australia.

1300 Bike Move has been providing trusted Pre-Purchase Inspection Certificates and Reporting Services since 1988 and they are NOW available in most metropolitan areas of Australia.

CALL 1300 Bike Move (1300 245 366)

What do we check as part of a Motorcycle Inspection?

We’ll provide you with a written report detailing the overall appearance and condition of the motorcycle. The inspection report will highlight any areas of concern, any signs of faults or problems. If you’re worried that the motorcycle has a particular problem, we’ll point this out for you.

Our Inspection Report will provide a comprehensive analysis of the following areas:

  • Body, fairing and panels
  • Tyres, wheels and brakes
  • Engine and drive train
  • Electrical components
  • Road test

What areas do we cover?

Most areas within the metropolitan cities of Australia are covered. We can generally inspect the motorcycle within two days of your booking, subject to the availability of the motorcycle and our Inspectors, you may need to take the bike to the inspector.

How will you receive your Inspection Report?

After the inspection has been completed, your Inspection Report can be emailed or posted directly to you. The Motorcycle Inspector will be available via telephone to talk through the details provided within the Inspection Report, clarifying any particular points directly with you.

There are plenty of dodgy bikes out there, don’t get caught up in the hype, let us check it out for you first.

What motorcycles do we inspect?

We have specialist Motorcycle Inspectors with extensive industry experience, who understand all major makes and models including scooters, sports bikes, touring bikes, cruisers and dirt / trail bikes.

Is there anything that isn’t covered?

Inspections do not cover internal and wear components. Motorcycles that are not suitable for road use, such as trail, dirt, enduro and ‘track’ bikes may not be road tested. The Motorcycle Inspector will advise if we are unable to complete any part of the inspection.

Book and Order Now – $199.00 (including GST) purchase both a Pre Purchase Inspection and a Secure Handover Payment Service at the discounted rate of $299, that’s an entire saving of $99.

Our Inspection Services offer Peace of Mind to buyers of motorbikes almost anywhere in Australia.

The Chief offers a range of pre-sale and pre-purchase services aligned with making sure the bike you are buying is the right bike!

Inspection Services

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection [buyer & seller]
  • Buyers Agent & Advocate
  • Delivery
  • Inspection Report

1300 Bike Move has been providing trusted Motorbike Pre Purchase Inspections since 1988.

Motorcycle Inspections are NOW available in most parts of the Metropolitan Areas

Secure Handover Payment Service – Bill of Sale

We prepare a legal bill of sale, from the current owner to you, we identify the current owner (this may be subject to registered bikes only), a little peace of mind and security for $199.

Motorcycle Transportation – Bike Delivery

Motorbike Transport services will arrange safe and secure bike delivery

What are you waiting for?

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Remember, leave it to the professionals.

*Extra travel charges may apply.

International Motorcycle Transport, Freight and Shipping

1300-Bike-Move are experts in international motorcycle imports.

We are trained at making sure that your motorbike is shipped from USA to Australia in a safe and economical matter.

International motorcycle shipping and freight is from almost any state in USA to our depot in San Francisco and then shipped internationally to our Australia Depot in Melbourne, Victoria, we can also on forward to your residence.

We handle import papers, what we need from you is a Clear Title, the reason for this is that if the seller in the USA hasn’t paid his taxes, he won’t have a clear title on his motorcycle and therefore it is illegal for him to sell it to anyone.

If the motorcycle is really old and there is no title, the seller must have a statutory declaration signed by a notary public, stating their full name, current address, occupation, motorcycle make, motorcycle model, previous or current registration number, VIN/Chassis number, engine number and that they are the sole and rightful owner without any encumbrances, please note that this information is only a guide and that for all the correct information you must contact the Department of Infrastructure.

Once you have verified all of the above and you are happy with our very competitive quotation, then all you need to do is pay our invoice/quote for your motorcycle transport from USA to Australia, we will then have your bike shipped to Australia.

We are experts at importing motorcycles from the USA, so allow us the opportunity to work with you and help bring your new toy or pride and joy into the country for you.

If you need a motorcycle shipping or motorcycle freight quote for USA interstate, we can also assist so please don’t hesitate to ask.

So for all your international motorcycle shipping, motorcycle freight, motorbike freight, motorbike shippers, motorcycle importers, motorbike importers, importing from USA don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300-245-366 for further information.

1300-Bike-Move import motorcycles from the USA every week, we are the leading Australian Motorcycle Importers.